Ministry Job Opportunity: Filled

We are pleased to announce that the site pastor role at our Eastside site has been filled.  Details available soon!

Christmas Blessings for Ft. Mac

We are joining communities across Alberta in an initiative to bless the residents of Fort McMurray & area affected by the devastating fires of 2016.  High River folks who received gifts of new decorations the Christmas after the major floods of 2013 felt blessed and are rallying Albertans to do the same for Ft. Mac! […]

What Does It Take? Necessary Building Blocks

What does it take? We have been working toward launching a third site for about two years as a congregation.  In the last number of months through prayer, articles, videos and conversations, we have been focussing our attention on this possibility in a more deliberate way.  We have reminded ourselves of our multi-site strategy for […]

Job Posting: Director of Youth Ministires

After three seasons of great ministry with our youth, Jaron will be transitioning out of his leadership role in the fall of 2016.  We urge the congregation to pray for the Flett family and their next steps.  Please also pray with us that God raises up His candidate for this position at this important time […]

Staff, Multi-site and Timing

Last week at our board meeting, valid questions were raised: “Do people know WHY they are being flooded with multi-site information these days? Do they realize we are headed for a time of decision this spring?” As you know, we have been working on preparing to launch a third site for over a year. We […]

Vision Video from Alan

Over the next few weeks we plan to share a number of these vision videos with you.  Please check them out and contact us if you have any questions!  

Update on Compassion Trip

Lots of people and music added to a warm church welcome Watch Video Clip Watch Video Clip We saw one of the Compassion projects and played kick-ball with the children. Watch Video Clip   We visited a family in a tarp house.   At the village we saw a boy in the field.    

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Rome, The Coliseum

Our first view of the coliseum. Watch Video Clip Inside the coliseum, on the upper level. Watch Video Clip Caeser or Christ? Watch Video Clip Much of the structure is still standing. Watch Video Clip Gladiators entrance and exit. Watch Video Clip The arch of general Titus, built to celebrate the destruction of Jerusalem in […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Rome

Pantheon converted to a church. Watch Video Clip Watch Video Clip Rome – a city of squares and fountains. Watch Video Clip The Vatican has items from various places outside, collected by popes over the years. Watch Video Clip The Vatican museum is a popular place. Watch Video Clip St. Peter’s Square is where the […]