Making Space For…

I don’t know about you, but whenever someone asks me if I could take a bit of time to do this or do that I feel as if a little piece of me dies and I take one step closer towards __________(fill in the blank for whatever death looks like for you).  There is no […]

Relate Youth – A Grande Prairie Church of Christ Ministry

This year is an exciting year for youth ministries at Grande Prairie Church of Christ as many experiences and dynamics have shaped how we are moving ahead. This is now my 3rd year as theDirector of Youth Ministries and I couldn’t be more thrilled about where we are and where we’re going. Through this article I want to invite you on a short journey to enter into the history and the vision for our Youth Ministries. So now’s a good time to grab a hot beverage and find a comfy place to rest for a moment!

Let’s go back in time a few years…

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Community Formation

It always perplexed me as I read the stories in the Bible about the early church and the importance they attributed to life in community on their journey together towards Christ.  It seemed like they had something I did not – even though I had friends, family and faith!  It made me wonder what true community actually […]

Jr.High Camp = Outreach Success

Well, Jr. High camp this year was my first experience at Pineridge Adventure Camp, and I’d say the camp was a huge success!  Tons of fun was had by campers and leaders alike, with many memories made and highlights to share… but I’ll only mention a few things here.  I feel confident that the campers […]