“Summer Vacation” at Glory Garden

Glory Garden is gearing up for their summer program!  From 7:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday, between July 7 and August 29, Glory Garden kids will continue to recieve quality care and experience the love of Jesus. The “Summer Vacation” theme lets kids look at different ways people spend their summer vacation while learning Bible stories and […]

Help Glory Garden

One of the goals of the Glory Garden ministry is to provide affordable childcare for Kindergarten to Grade six children. Over the past few months, Glory Garden has been exploring ways to keep costs low.  It has been increasingly difficult to cover program expenses with only registration fees, so, we need your help.  If you could […]

Summer Celebrations in Glory Garden

There are always reasons to celebrate at Glory Garden! The very fact that we get to serve Grande Prairie families and their children by offering quality, affordable care  for over 5000 hours each month is quite the deal in itself!! Especially since we are able to share the message of His amazing love for each […]

Glory Garden Journeys On

For some reason, maybe it’s the ‘Ides of March’ effect, this month is always a tough time to manoeuver. Last year we were wondering if we would have space for the upcoming school year program when the promised portables fell through…..of course they did appear, 3 of them, just in time.

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