Cam’s Playlist

This past Sunday Cam (our Director of Creative Arts) came over to our Mission Heights site to lead worship.  It was my turn to prep media for the service, and as I was working on slides and formatting lyrics, I really enjoyed a mix of tunes Cam had set to play through the sounds system […]

Get Small to Grow Big

I love this church, and the fact that we are a multisite faith family.  I cannot say that enough.  However, I think we have some growing to do. I think we need to get small to grow big, just like pruned perennials. Confession time:  the last few years of waiting and processing ideas for our […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Turkey, Greece, Italy

Alan and a number from our fellowship are on the Footsteps of Paul Trip in Turkey and Italy and will be posting video clips from their trip here on “the Chronicle”. Watch for posts from Alan soon!

New Website by Centerdrive Graphic and Web

We are excited to launch our new website, designed by Centerdrive Graphic and Web. This new site changes our web presence to better accomodate our reality of being a multi-site church. Geared towards presenting ourselves as “One Church / Two Locations”, you’ll see much of the content found here is directed toward our whole church (both sites). It is our goal that members and visitors alike will find the information they are looking for quickly and easily, whether that is checking the time of an upcoming event, or finding out what sort of church we are.

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