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Holy, holy, holy

God is so Holy, so set apart from anything or anyone else, that it is only by God’s cleansing grace that we can even be in his presence!

Christmas Love

A parent’s journey sparks a thought about the Christmas and what it says about God’s love.

Receive & Give Joy

Take a moment to ponder Isaiah 61 with Dave and remember that God blesses so we can bless.

Last Week of Advent – Love

How are you receiving the love of God? How are you expressing thankful love to God? How are you loving others?

Love is a Verb

Do not love the world (object), but love the world (people).

John 3:16 God so loves the World, He gave His one and only son…

God gave everything for us, and we are invited to put ourselves aside, and do the same for those whom are our enemies.

Storms, Jesus & Love

Laurel invites us to consider the stories of Jesus and storms during this season Advent.