Let’s Do This!

We Want to Raise $10000!
This is considered a Tax Deductible donation as well!

We have the opportunity to make a difference for refuges from Ukraine. Through Graceland Canada (an organization working in Poland) we can help them meet the needs of the many Ukrainian refuges in their country.

Graceland Canada and USA and Poland are currently helping in the following ways. . .
1) Taking financial donations from Canadians/Americans and forwarding them to frontline workers here in Poland (we’re acting as the middleman)
2) Supporting a church just a few km from the border who are sleeping 200 and feeding 300+ per day (they impress us because they moved their worship services to the cultural centre in order to house refugees)
3) Financially supporting the extended family of a Graceland student family who had to flee and leave husbands behind. These women left with nothing but a suitcase and their kids. We are providing them with cash for purchasing necessities. It is our plan to support this family longer term. They are currently looking for an apartment, and it’s our hope to provide rent for them for a few months until they get settled.
4) Financially supporting women and children refugees currently “living” in the train station refugee shelter by giving them envelopes with cash. We are using this as a teaching opportunity for a young woman we are mentoring. She goes to the train station to hand out food and supplies with her youth group, and we are entrusting her with these envelopes. She is so excited to do this and is blown away by how the Lord is moving — this is simply a gift of love.
5) We have a student who is taking people into her home and we are helping with finances if/when she needs it. She had a couple of women with her for 2 weeks, they have now moved on to Germany.
6) Once our intern leaves, we will make our small Annex apartment available to a refugees as a transitional place—it’s not suitable for long-term living, or for families and it can only be used until the end of summer when we have more teachers who need housing (which is now at a premium).

After April 10th:
Donations for refugees from Ukraine can be sent via Interac email transfer to: treasurer@gracelandministries.com, designated Project 94. The only administrative cost is the bank transfer fees. Our treasurers, Bonnie Eadle and Susan LaCount are forwarding the refugee money with the money they usually transfer to Graceland, so the bank fees are coming out of our General Fund thereby leaving 100% of the funds donated available for the relief effort.

Growing Through Affliction

Dave shares a thought and a song he wrote as he reflected on our theme of Grow Up and Make a Difference.

Don’t Try To Change The World

Mark shares some thoughts on what it means to make a difference and gives 3 steps we can take to grow up and make a difference.

3 Steps From 1 Thess 1:3
Hope in Jesus
Grow in capacity to love
Be Faithful to a mission

Growing Up thought From Scott

For this weeks post Scott shares some biblical characteristics of maturity from Ephesians 4: 15-32 that give us examples of what it means to grow up in our faith so that we can make a difference in our world.

What Are You Passionate About?

What are you passionate about making a difference in? What areas do you feel drawn to to make a difference? How can God use you to impact this world? These are thoughts that arise out the people of God taking hold of the calling to be the church. Where we engage this world with the passion and love of Christ so that they may see and know the deep and everlasting love that God has for them in Jesus Christ.

Day 7 Ambition to be Salty

As we finish our reflection on ambition we reflect today on Saltiness. How are we salty as we seek to be living sacrifices as we face tough times? How also can we live together in peace and relationship?

Day 4 – Ambition to Humbly Unify

Day 4 of our Reflection on Ambition. How can we have ambition that seeks to bring people together in humility?

Day 3 – Ambition to Value Others

Day 3 of our reflections on Ambition. Today how can we have ambition to value others and to demonstrate that value in how we treat them?

Day 2 – Ambition to be a Servant

The 2nd day of our reflections on Ambition and lining our ambitions up with what the Ambitions of Jesus are.

Day 1 Ambition to Grow

As part of the Challenge from Alan on Sunday, let’s take time each day this week to reflect on the ambitions from Mark 9:30-50. We are posting the clips from the sermon each day to help refresh what Alan shared.