Day 7 Ambition to be Salty

As we finish our reflection on ambition we reflect today on Saltiness. How are we salty as we seek to be living sacrifices as we face tough times? How also can we live together in peace and relationship?

Day 4 – Ambition to Humbly Unify

Day 4 of our Reflection on Ambition. How can we have ambition that seeks to bring people together in humility?

Day 3 – Ambition to Value Others

Day 3 of our reflections on Ambition. Today how can we have ambition to value others and to demonstrate that value in how we treat them?

Day 2 – Ambition to be a Servant

The 2nd day of our reflections on Ambition and lining our ambitions up with what the Ambitions of Jesus are.

Day 1 Ambition to Grow

As part of the Challenge from Alan on Sunday, let’s take time each day this week to reflect on the ambitions from Mark 9:30-50. We are posting the clips from the sermon each day to help refresh what Alan shared.


Scott challenges us with the idea that our abundance is an opportunity to bless other people.
We are all rich in some way, but the question is what are we going to do with our wealth?

Are You In Lo-Debar?

Alan encourages us with a reflection from the Old Testament. Sometimes it feels like we have lost everything, but remember: the King of the Universe wants to care for us.

Read: 2 Samuel 9

Core Truth

Scott encourages us to allow God to tell us the truth about who we are and reminds us that because we are right with God we can head with confidence into whatever’s next.

Read: Ephesians 6 (emphasis on the Breastplate of Righteousness)

Stand Still and Let Him Catch You

Esther shares something that struck her in reading 2 chronicles 20:17 and through the song Goodness of God. Sometimes we need to stop and allow God’s goodness to catch you.

Hear the song here:

Love God With All Your Very

Love the Lord your God with all your very. This is not the typical way we hear this verse, but it is a request to give out of the excess of our beings. What muchness do we personally have that God is calling us to serve Him with? A question that is difficult to answer, but important to ponder.