Last Week of Advent – Love

How are you receiving the love of God? How are you expressing thankful love to God? How are you loving others?

Responding to Jesus

Have you ever noticed that sometimes our response to Jesus changes?

Walking In on God

Alan takes a walk and challenges us to check our privilege.

Daily Reflection – Belonging

Remember: Jesus calls our names, and invites us to call others!

Read: Mark 10:46-52

Ask yourself: How can I share my joy with others this week?

Daily Reflection – Recipe for Survival & Thriving Pt.3

Alan explores the circumstances surrounding the Apostle Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonica and the realty that the Christian life is not always easy.

What’s your “recipe” for surviving and thriving in the midst of difficult times?

Daily Reflection – Recipe for Survival & Thriving Pt.2

Alan shares a recipe for enduring difficult times that he noticed in 2 Thessalonians. Today he shares the second ingredient: a growing love for each other.

What are you doing this week to make sure your love is increasing and abounding?

Daily Reflection – Money & Knowing God

Alan invites us to meditate on Jeremiah 22 and ask ourselves reflection questions about our resources and what we do with them.