Daily Reflection – High Places

Continuing his trek through Kings, Alan contemplates the significance of “high places” of worship.

Ask yourself: Are there areas of my heart or life that need to be surrendered to the Lordship of Christ?

Daily Reflection – God’s Pruning

Alan challenges us to avoid turning Jesus’ words into a burden!

Read: John 15

Remember: The fruit Jesus wants to see in you is the fruit of God’s love.

Daily Reflection – Judgement

Explore some words of Jesus about judgement and consider with Alan what it means for your own journey.

Daily Reflection – Forgiveness & Faith (Part 2)

Alan invites us into part two of his reflecting on Jesus’ teachings in Luke 17:1-17.

What is your motivation for forgiving others?

“Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.” – Phillips Brooks

Daily Reflection – Forgiveness & Faith (Part 1)

The teachings of Jesus on forgiveness and faith in Luke 17:1-17 cause Alan to contemplate the greatness of our miracle-working God.

“It’s not great faith you need; it is faith in a great God.”
— N. T. Wright

Staff, Multi-site and Timing

Last week at our board meeting, valid questions were raised: “Do people know WHY they are being flooded with multi-site information these days? Do they realize we are headed for a time of decision this spring?” As you know, we have been working on preparing to launch a third site for over a year. We […]

Update on Compassion Trip

Lots of people and music added to a warm church welcome Watch Video Clip Watch Video Clip We saw one of the Compassion projects and played kick-ball with the children. Watch Video Clip   We visited a family in a tarp house.   At the village we saw a boy in the field.    

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Rome, The Coliseum

Our first view of the coliseum. Watch Video Clip Inside the coliseum, on the upper level. Watch Video Clip Caeser or Christ? Watch Video Clip Much of the structure is still standing. Watch Video Clip Gladiators entrance and exit. Watch Video Clip The arch of general Titus, built to celebrate the destruction of Jerusalem in […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Rome

Pantheon converted to a church. Watch Video Clip Watch Video Clip Rome – a city of squares and fountains. Watch Video Clip The Vatican has items from various places outside, collected by popes over the years. Watch Video Clip The Vatican museum is a popular place. Watch Video Clip St. Peter’s Square is where the […]