Footsteps of Paul Trip – Philippi

Philippi is an attractive but rugged place. It was named after Philip of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great. this is where Paul first proclaimed the Gospel in Europe and was thrown in prion (Acts 16). The epistle of Philippians was written to the people of this city. Here you can see what remains of […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Thessaloniki

Walls of Thessaloniki… Paul was lowered from a window to escape. Watch Video Clip Inside the Basilica of St. Dimitri (Greek Orthodox church). Watch Video Clip

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Istanbul

This strait is the only exit from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, making it a very busy place for shipping. Watch Video Clip The Blue Mosque was built in 1616 by the Sultan. It took about six years to build. Blue is the dominant colour – the colour of blessing. Watch Video Clip The […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Istanbul

The halfway mark of the Constantinople Hippodrome. This was a huge social centre with horse and chariot races taking place around the U-shaped track. Watch Video Clip The remains of Constantine’s Palace. Constantine was the emperor who made Constantinople world-famous. Watch Video Clip The main entrance to the Topkapi Palace – The home of a […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Hagia Sophia remained the largest dome church in the world until the 17th century. Watch Video Clip The church was taken over by the muslims and used as a mosque, but in recent history it has been turned into a museum. Watch Video Clip Across the way is the famous “Blue Mosque”, which we plan […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Troy

The city of Troy has seen 4,000 years of continual habitation. Watch Video Clip The slant of the walls was designed to make it harder to conquer. Watch Video Clip Watch Video Clip Here you can see the nine layers of Troy in a diagram and in their excavated reality. Watch Video Clip Troy’s sacred […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Pergamum

This wall in Pergamum was built on the hilltop in 3BC, and added to after an earthquake in 2BC and then worked on again in 6AD. Watch Video Clip The original inhabitants of Pergamum were from Troy. They were tired of being conquered by the Greeks, so they moved away from the sea and built […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Smyrna

8 million people live in the vibrant, modern city of Izmir (ancient Smyrna) Watch Video Clip Myrrh, one of the gifts brought to Jesus by wisemen from the East, is a resin from myrrh trees. Smyrna got it’s name from these trees, but very few remain after industrialization. Watch Video Clip Smyrna is also the […]

Footsteps of Paul Trip – Ephesus

The great theatre of Ephesus is impressive, but it would not have been around when Paul was here. Watch Video Clip A Roman prison was located on the top of this hill. We don’t have record of Paul being imprisoned there but some tradition and maps indicate it as “the prison of the Apostle Paul”. […]