Good Music, Bad Ideas

Good Music Bad Ideas by Jim Biggs and Ryan Duford There is nothing in this world like an impassioned theologian. Gotta have them so there’s some fizz in this pop. Impassioned theologians like to protest lousy song lyrics. We musicians try to guard against bad lyrics, but sometimes a song is so much fun to […]


Maybe something happened in April to make it memorable for you, but probably not.  In Grande Prairie, April is quickly forgotten, for good reason.  It’s not our best month. One thing you should not forget about last month happened on April 12 at the Church of Christ.  We had an art festival here and it […]

Pay It Backward

We’ve all familiar with things like the movie “Pay it Forward” and the Random Acts of Kindness movement. No doubt many of you could tell stories in…

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Why Is Church Music So “Poppish”?

On this question, one could take a dark view. You could say that we (ie the church) sound like pop culture because we are like pop culture; self-centered, intellectually truncated, ignorant of history, ruled by sentiment, and the like. Talking like this makes you feel like a prophet.

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No More Joy?

In February we had an “end of joy project” party at Kim and Curtis Smith’s house. It was good. There was home-grown visual art on display. Some girls performed a dance. Curtis played some music with Wade and David Oostra. There was karaoke and fireworks and lots of food. Some neighbors came. It was a full house and it was fun.

Of course everything is cyclical; it all comes to pass. So does this mean that there is no more talk of joy and art around here after that party? Do we need another theme for the next cycle?

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