What Hebrew Has to Do with Real Life

Learning to Listen Things have been pretty good over here in BC. Life has its ups and downs, and this part of mine is officially an “up”! For the last few years I have been going through a bit of a restructuring about how I understand God. I had found out that the way I […]

Summer 2014 Cover Story

By Sharon Kuykendall 1952 was the beginning of a joyous, life long, event in my life –  CAMP!!  Our church first held it’s camps on the shores of Bear Lake.   Swimming every day, playing ball and chasing the boys however indiscreetly are some of my fond memories.  As I recall these events I know […]

The Defilement of Bitterness

Looking through all of my identity issues, all of my stories, one thing that is very apparent is this: People hurt.  They cause pain. There’s no way around it. People can give us labels that affect our identities for years to come: ugly, unloveable, unpopular, etc, etc. I’m sure if you read these posts, you can relate. Somewhere […]